How We Work

Your business is complex. Does anyone see the whole picture?

You need someone who “gets it” on multiple levels and can see how the pieces affect each other. This is what E3 Consulting does.

We work with people, process and technology to develop solutions that help companies continuously improve their Sales, Marketing and Business Operations.


How We Do It:

We start by listening to what your goals, issues and challenges are and develop a clear and measurable plan to solve your problem and to help your business grow.

Then we do it. We manage it. We deliver it. We train you.
We address your business need and solve your problems.

One point of contact.

Our ideal clients are in the industries of:
Manufacturing, Distribution and Professional Services.

Our clients are typically CEO, CFO, CIO level and Business Owners and Principals.

Our Clients Typically Need the Following:

  • Help identifying and solving business issues and pain points
  • Someone to manage a critical project
  • A sales & marketing system
  • Help in understanding technology and how to best use it
  • A “go to” person who understands both the business and the technology
  • Someone who gives no-nonsense honest answers
  • A trusted advisor helping make smart decisions
  • A technical coach
  • Software that gets the job done
  • Their business to run more smoothly and efficiently
  • A return on their business software investment
  • To fix issues with their Manufacturing, Distribution and Accounting Software

 Our Proven Process:

  1. Evaluation and Assessment
  2. Solution Development – costs, timeframe and resources
  3. Project Plan Development
  4. Project Management
  5. Vendor Management
  6. Post Implementation Assessment and Next Phase Development